Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feedback from Miss Lim on Batu tour!

Lim Bixuan February 8 at 10:38pm
Thank you!

The trip was relaxing and an eye-opener to life in batu. Activities such as the zoo, waterfall, farms and night amusement park were well planned as they catered to the whole family regardless of age. Visiting both the rural and urban areas allowed us to compare the differences between a posh shopping centre and a simpler one. Food at the Chinese and Indonesian restaurants were very satisfying as they are good and relatively cheap. The resort had a good environment and we enjoyed the facilities, especially the variety of sports available as in Singapore we do not usually take time off to play sports as a family......

You were well-prepared with the necessities such as umbrella, raincoat and medication, approachable and knowledgeable to answer to our many questions, even going beyond your job-scope to look after zhiyuan with Mr Ali so that we could do our own things and better enjoy ourselves. We were glad that you were around to provide explanations and translations as we would not have been able to communicate with the people there. Lastly, the car was comfortable and there is nothing more we could ask for.